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  • Albany residents, commissioner upset at illegal dump piles across town
Albany residents, commissioner upset at illegal dump piles across town

Albany residents, commissioner upset at illegal dump piles across town

“They’re all over the city, you’ll find dumps this height just like this,” said Samuel Lee Sneed Jr.

He and several residents in East Albany were outraged at the multiple illegal dump sites popping up across town.

“This is not Christmas, this is an ongoing situation that we have in the city of Albany,” Sneed added.

The pile of debris and household goods, which includes a mattress, tv and even a door have popped up on vacant lots across town. And it’s becoming an eyesore for residents in the 1600 block of Jean Road who have to drive by it every day.

“I mean what are they thinking when they can just take common household items that the trash man would pick up Friday and drive around to find a vacant lot just to discard them?” asked Sneed.

Sneed is one of many residents who called 311 to report the illegal dump site four days ago. And it’s not the only one.

Just a mile away, there’s an even larger pile of litter in the 200 block of School Street.

Ward 1 Commissioner Jon Howard said he has received calls about a pile of debris and home items on the side of School Street, just across from Turner Elementary.

“I was shocked that someone would do this and you see that we are across the street from Turner Elementary School,” said Howard.

Illegal dump sites can be breeding grounds for diseases.

“Water in those tires breed mosquitoes, so it’s a safety issue when you see the kids your heart goes out to them because they need clean areas to play in,” explained Sneed.

Howard said he will not tolerate litter in his district or throughout the city.

“It just gives East Albany a bad name when some folks decide they’re just going to throw trash out there like that,” said Howard.

Howard said neighbors believe the pile on School Street has been there for several weeks. He said people should take their trash to the landfill instead of leaving it on the side of the road.

“To make our neighbors aware to be observant and vigilant in areas like this where they are prone to people dumping trash,” said Sneed.

Commissioner Howard said he plans to stop by the Public Works Department first thing in the morning to make sure both piles get cleaned up.

Sneed, who is also part of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful, said when you see an illegal dump site to report it right away and look for anything in the pile that may reveal the person’s information.